June 15-17, 2018 - Monolith Summer School Workshops:


• Viral vaccines and gene vectors: From harvest to final product

• Purification and analysis of pDNA for gene therapy

• HPLC fingerprinting – advanced chromatogram evaluation for efficient bioprocess control


June 18-20, 2018 - Monolith Symposium


The lectures and Young Researchers corner will focus on: preparation, characterization and anali­tical applications of monoliths, use of monoliths to purify viruses,exososmes, plasmids, macromo­leculs and nanoparticles and on other new, emerging trends in this dynamic technology.



Scientific program


1. Macroporous monoliths for biodegradation study of polymer particles considered as drug delivery systems

Tatiana B Tennikova (SPBU · Institute of Chemistry, Russia)

2. Monolithic support for high-throughput analysis of biopolymers

Djuro Josić (University of RijekaCroatia)

3. Monolithic columns: A historical overview

Frantisek Svec (E.O. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA)

4Influenza delNS-vector: an interferon inducing agent against cancer

Tomas Muster (BlueSky Vaccines, Austria)

5Flow-through chromatography of proteins: Challenges and Opportunities

Shuichi Yamamoto (Yamaguchi University - Bioprocess Engineering Laboratory, Japan)

6Enabling continuous manufacturing through data science, modelling and advanced PAT tools

Christoph Herwig (TU Wien · Institute of Chemical Engineering, Austria)

7Process analytics for gene therapy vector production

Sebastijan Peljhan (BIA Separations, Slovenia)

8Trends in Biological Process Development– Upstream and Downstream Optimization, Plus Automation

Keith Carson (Boston, USA)

9Challenges in process developement and large scale GMP manufacturing of gene therapy products

Roman Necina (Shire, Austria)

10. Sample displacement chromatography –old principle for modern applications

Urh Černigoj (BIA Separations, Slovenia)

11. Monolithic columns with incorporated nano-entities for liquid phase separations

Ziad El Rassi (Oklahoma State University, USA)

12. In-process analytics to reduce bioproduction failures

Aleš Štrancar (BIA Separations, Slovenia)

13. Monolith columns for purification of adeno associated virus vectors

Franz Gerner (RegenexBio, USA)

14. Towards automation in protein digestion: the contribution of monolith trypsin-bioreactors

Manuela Bartolini (University of Bologna, Italy)

15. Advanced techniques for characterisation of viruses used for cell therapy, vaccines and bacteriophages

Maja Ravnikar (National institute Of Biology, Slovenia)

16. Influence of raw materials and consumables on vaccine manufacturing and stability

Robert Schlegl (Valneva Austria GmbH, Austria)

17. Multi-Metal/chelate affinity microfluidic device for structural pre-fractionation of plasma proteins

M. A. Vijayalakshmi (Vellore, India)

18. Rapid Quantitative Analysis of Inter-alpha Inhibitors using CIMac Immunoaffinity Monolitihic Column

Yow-Pin Lim (ProThera Biologics, USA)

19. Chromatin, Chromatography, and Monoliths

Pete Gagnon (BIA Separations, Slovenia)

20. Downstream process development for DNA vaccine

MiladysLimonta Fernandez (Centro de Ingeniería Genética y BiotecnologiaCuba)

21. High-throughput glycomics in genetic and epidemiological studies - The application of monolithic affinity 96-well plates

Gordan Lauc (Genos, Croatia)

22. Monolithic chromatography on conjoint liquid chromatography columns for speciation of platinum-based chemotherapeutics in serum of cancer patients

Janez Scancar (Institute Jozef Stefan, Slovenia)

23. Monolithic Columns for Capillary Electrochromatography

Fatma Yılmaz (Bolu Abant İzzet Baysal University, Turkey)

24. Highly-porous polymeric material for protein capture and purification

Fernandez Lahore (Jacobs University, Germany)

25. Selective hydrolysis of whey proteins by immobilized trypsin in a flow-through monolithic reactor

Yuhong Mao (TUM, Germany)

26. Analytical strategies on quantification of adeno-associated virus (AAV) empty capsids to support process development

Weichiang Chen (Biogen, USA)

27. Behaviour of highly glycosylated invertases from Saccharomyces cerevisiae in anion-exchange chromatography on particle-based and monolithic supports

Uroš Andjelkovič (Belgrade, Serbia)


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