From May 27st to June 1st, participants from 25 different countries, came Portorož to discuss the latest progress and results regarding Monolith Technology at the 7th Monolith Summer School & Symposium.

Social events of MSS2016 in Portorož:

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  1. Method development – how to design methods and transfer them to large scale
  2. Application of PAT HPLC for Adeno associated virus purification (separation of empty and full capsids)
  3. Use of monoliths for high-throughput chromatography

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Lectures in Portorož:

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Poster and Young Research Corner awards:

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The 3 awarded posters were:

  1. Lourdes Hernandez de la Rosa: Selection of chromatographic supports for DNA clearance on epo purification
  2. Maria Levit: Cholesterol extractors based on macroporous monolithic columns
  3. Ashish Khaparde: Immobilized metal-ion (IMA) monolith microfluidic device for plasma proteomic applications

The 3 awarded young researchers were:

  1. Tamara Martinovic
  2. Anja Pecman
  3. Yuhong Mao


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